HTLC After School Program is offered from August to June catering to the needs of school-age students attending Alhambra Unified School District schools, namely Brightwood, Repetto, Monterey Highlands, and Marguerita. The program’s main focus is homework assistance and completion, as well as offering supplemental practice in California State Standards Common Core Math, Reading Comprehension, and Language Arts. In small teacher to student ratio classroom environments (10 students max per classroom), our students will receive help from their teachers to better understand assignments, have their work corrected, receive help and tutelage with challenging problems, and gain extra practice in standards that parallel the content they are learning in school. Paired with up-to-date technology, our team will guide the student in perfecting their study habits and polishing their academic skills.

During the after school experience, students are encouraged to take other classes such as art, piano, dance, Chinese, Spanish, graphic arts, STEM, and martial arts so that they can become well-rounded individuals possessing visual, spatial, critical-thinking, and cognitive skills. All of these courses will be offered during the after-school hours at our facility to simplify the transition and eliminate the need for transport to a different location. Harmony Tree strives to offer a holistic experience so that our students can grow in academics, personal development, socialization, and emotional security.

Yes, our entire staff will be vaccinated for COVID-19.

All students and teachers will be assigned to a pod/cohort in which they will spend their time. Students will remain with the same group and teacher to reduce any unnecessary interactions.

Yes, the students will have 30 minutes of snack/recess time.

Class sizes will range from 4 – 8 students.

Parents will need to communicate with the staff and message their arrival (15 mins notice is preferred) for pick-ups. Upon arrival, they can either park and message their parking space number or pull up to the driveway or curb. The child will then be escorted to the vehicle with all of his/her belongings.

Our center will close at 6:00 p.m. After this time, parents will be charged $1.00 per minute past closing until pick-up (to be paid at pick-up time).

Our drivers will pick up only from the following schools: Brightwood, Repetto, Monterey Highlands, and Marguerita. For certain schools, a coordinator will be sent to check off students as they exit their school and assist with the boarding of the HTLC vehicles. Students who are under the age of 8 will be required to use a booster seat supplied by HTLC. Students are required to be at the pick-up location immediately after dismissal. Parents are required to notify the center of absences via SchoolCues so the drivers do not waste time waiting for absent students. If for any reason a child is not at the pick-up location, our team will call the parent/guardian accordingly. In the event that we are not able to reach anyone, we will leave a message at the front office of the school and depart.

Our pricing structure has changed so that we may focus on upgrading the quality of our program so that our students can thrive in the best environment possible. This means that each classroom will be limited to 10 students, our staff-to-student ratio will be kept at 1:7. This ensures each of our kids will receive the attention and supervision necessary to keep their learning experiences consistent and positive. Our building has more than 7,000 square feet and was recently updated with brand new restrooms, playground/recreation area, a dance/martial arts studio, a new A/C system, and air purifiers installed in each classroom and common area. Every student will be assigned his/her own laptop to use. We are prioritizing maintaining a team of qualified individuals who are dedicated to furthering the educational experience of our kids by mentoring, nurturing, and educating them. The HTLC family is continuously learning, developing, and evolving to ensure that we are up-to-date on the newest teaching methods and technology so we best help our students. We have spared no expense when it comes to providing the best equipment, technology, and materials needed for our children to learn. socialize, and grow.

We are discouraging parents and other visitors from entering the facility during school hours. However, if needed, parents are welcome to make an appointment with the front desk to speak with their child’s teacher for any reason.

Snacks are not included in the tuition. The Snack Cart (all foods will be sealed and packaged) will be available should the students like to make a purchase using the snack account. There will be healthy selections included on the cart. Parents will need to open a snack account for their children in order for them to access the cart. Parents are welcome to set food restrictions and set limits on the amount spent. Options on the cart include (subject to change) fruit bars, fruit cups, whole fruit, crackers, chips, cereal, string cheese, soda, and candy. Students must have their parents’ permission to purchase and money available in their snack account. Cash is not accepted.

A snack account allows students to make purchases off the Snack Cart. The Snack Cart is open during break times for students to purchase foods in case they do not have packed snacks from home. Parents/guardians can open a snack account and deposit a certain amount of money into the account. As students make purchases, the amount is deducted from their snack account balance. There are no credit extensions for the account.

Lunch will only be offered to those who subscribe to the Lunch Service. The Lunch Service subscription is $35 every 4 weeks, which includes lunches for weekly short days only. Extra Minimum Days Lunch Service will incur extra charges. Foods will be packaged by the restaurant/catering facility (kids’ meals or combos). Menus will be available on SchoolCues. There will be options but no customizations. Lunches may be purchased from McDonald’s, Chik-Fil-A, Chinatown Express, Jay’s (personal pizzas, not slices), Wendy’s, KFC, Subway, etc. Foods will not be prepared at Harmony Tree. Please advise our team if your child has dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to refrigerate or heat up your child’s lunches as space in our refrigerator is limited. We cannot guarantee staff members will be readily available to heat up the students’ lunches.

Harmony Tree will provide 5 complimentary sealed water bottles on an as-needed basis. And we will allow students to store an extra water bottle in their cubby for refill purposes. Harmony Tree has filtered water for consumption on its premises.

Tuition + Charges

Tuition: $460 (4-weeks)
Registration: $40 (one-time fee)
Tech & Materials Fee: $100 (per year)


Pick-Up Service: $75 (4-weeks)
Take-Home Service*: $75 (4-weeks)

*Home drop off limited to city of Monterey Park.

Lunch Service

Lunch Service*: $35 (4 -weeks)

Minimum Days will be charged separately.

*Short Days only (once per week).

After School Waitlist Form

Our classes are currently full. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list please complete the form. A $100 deposit is required to be placed on the list. This deposit is fully refundable if you decide to remove your child off the list. This amount will be applied to your child’s tuition should he or she get accepted into the program.

Thank you for your registration. You will be placed on the waiting list after making a $100 deposit. A deposit can be made via Zelle ( or Venmo (@harmonytree). Thank you.
There was an error. Please try again later.
Thank you for your registration. You will be placed on the waiting list after making a $100 deposit. A deposit can be made via Zelle ( or Venmo (@harmonytree). Thank you.
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