“I used to be a student here from 6th – 8th grade here, and I had the time of my life! I met one of my best friends here, and we’re still close 3 years later. I’m so glad that this place finally decided to set up a yelp page. You can trust your kids in their hands, because of all the daycare centers I’ve been stuck in, this was definitely the most fun and responsible. The teachers here really care about the kids – two came to my 8th grade graduation and cheered for me! I think the experiences here really helped me grow: field trips, homework help, etc. OH and they have the BEST food! They really know how to take care of the kids, and they have the cutest kid-friendly decor (: if I ever have kids, I know I’ll definitely be sending them here.”

Ailsa X.

“I attended Harmony Tree from 5th to 7th grade. Although it wasn’t as long as I had hoped I still had a wonderful time. The teachers here are pretty nice and attentive. I was a terrible student before I came to Harmony Tree but with the help of the teachers my grades improved a lot. During the summer I always had the best time. In the mornings we prep for the next school year by learning math and English and in the afternoons from Monday to Wednesdays there are electives. Thursdays are the best because of the field trips we get to go to Knotts, universal and Disneyland. It’s so fun!!!”

Whitney C.

“I went here from 3-6th grade including the summers and they were very happy and enjoyable. They have different schedules from the summer and the school year. During the school year they Harmony Tree vans will pick your kids up from the school and take them to Harmony Tree. When they get there they go to their classroom and do their homework. They have a perfect balance of fun and academic activity. The staff is very nice and giving. Rebecca and Tiffany work the front desk with a couple other staff members. Grace visits once in a while but is still as equally nice. On Fridays they have activities and the kids can use their “harmony” to buy snack and to their activities. Harmony is earned by their teacher and they are given a paycheck that has the amount they earned. Overall they are the best afterschool around so go and get a free tour sometime.”

Mary S.