Established in 2002, Harmony Tree Learning Center has undergone numerous changes in terms of its staffing, recreation opportunities and supplemental learning programs over the years. However, the one objective that has always remained constant since the very beginning is our dedication to keep our children our number one priority. We are constantly looking for ways to create balance in our program. While many learning centers focus solely on the academic sector for the students in attendance, our center looks for ways to keep the lives of our students balanced between academic, emotional, and social growth. Our staff does not only just promote learning in terms of Math & English, we promote healthy interaction between the students and teachers, and also provide “down time” for the students to enjoy recreational activities so that they remain well-adjusted in a place where they spend a good portion of their day on a daily basis. It is not important for us just to keep the parents happy; it is important for us to keep our kids happy as well. The best way for students to learn is to create a warm environment where students are happy, safe and well-supervised, then surround them with teachers that they enjoy learning from and spending time with. That’s what we are all about..

HTLC Family.

The Teachers

Our teachers are a dedicated team of individuals comprised of college graduates and undergraduate juniors or seniors who are currently either pursuing their teaching credential, master degree or certification and are committed to working with, teaching, and improving the lives of children.

The T.A's

Our teacher’s aides are college students who are interested in gaining experience in the teaching field and enjoy interacting with kids of all ages. During the summer, experienced high school students who have previously attended HTLC or completed the training program in previous years are invited to accept available teacher’s aide positions.

The Volunteers

High school students are welcome to volunteer during the summers to gain valuable working experience for community service hours. A recommendation letter and letter of reference will be available at the completion of their term.

Meet the Family.

Grace Eaplin
Grace EaplinDirector
Lam Kung
Lam KungAdministrator
Annie Wong
Annie WongTeacher
Denny Eaplin
Denny EaplinTeacher
Isaac Kim
Isaac KimTeacher
Joanna Van
Joanna VanTeacher
John Hoang
John HoangTeacher
Michelle Kanemori
Michelle KanemoriTeacher
Susan Wong
Susan WongTeacher
Blaine Ng
Blaine NgTeacher Assistant
Brent Lew
Brent LewTeacher Assistant
Edlyn Wong
Edlyn WongTeacher Assistant
James Truong
James TruongTeacher Assistant
Kevin Xia
Kevin XiaTeacher Assistant
Leann Dinh
Leann DinhTeacher Assistant
Megan Nguyen
Megan NguyenTeacher Assistant
S Anzai
S AnzaiTeacher Assistant
Peter Hoang
Peter HoangTeacher Assistant
V Mosby
V MosbyTeacher Assistant
Whitney Cheng
Whitney ChengTeacher Assistant
LucySnack Specialist